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Welcome to mmrobitutorials!
Welcome About Us
Welcome to mmrobitutorials! When this community was relatively new and was originally run by mmrobitussin [thus the name came about]. Now it is currently run by mmrobitussin, _andricongirl, and cynni. We currently run this community as a way for the three of us to showcase how to make certain graphics. We attempt to make them as easy as possible. These tutorials are designed for people who want to learn how to make graphics like headers, icons, icontest banners, wallpapers, etc.

We welcome everyone and anyone who would like to figure out how we make certain icons. :) All you have to do is join the community and become a friend. Yes, joining the community will give you access to icon tutorials that are being held due to submission in icontests. We have very few rules here, but the first one is that you credit (see below) and that you comment when something is helpful. Commenting is a good way for us to know what you like, don’t like, find helpful, or would find helpful. Also, please do not be rude. Each tutorial takes a good amount of time to create and we aren’t always perfect.

We do request that you credit if you use a tutorial. Tutorials are not to be used as ways to “win” icontests, but steps to learning new techniques. We ALWAYS want you to credit if you use an icon by us. We are very happy when you comment and give us ideas of what you would like to see. Please do NOT use these tutorials and claim them as your own.
[About Us]
Some graphics are not made by me. But due to the fact that I am a horrible organizer, I don't have a list as to whom exactly did all the brushes, textures, and other helping graphics I use. I do not take credit in any way, shape, or form of them. I hope those who made them will understand. I need to organize things better. There is a very small chance that any of the pictures I make icons out of were originally made by me. Most people will receive credit upon the creation of an icon.



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